Lost Soul, Wandering Amnesiac, Revenant


Zadok or ‘Zak’ as he remembers himself is somewhat of a lost soul. Perhaps that’s because he no longer has one. He is a remnant of his former celestial glory, having fought and ‘died’ on earth.


Zak has no real ability to perceive the obvious, with very little will of his own and absolutely no memory of his past. All that he knows, is remorse for a great loss. What that loss is, he does not recall. He came across Noah James Thompson and Father Isaiah Walsh by accident. Seeing them gave him some sense of hope. Like a bug to a light source, he finds himself attracted to their presence. He was adopted as a partner by the two when they realized his potential.

Zadok is regularly at a state of contemplation over menial things, when he isn’t too busy being confused or suffering remorse. He is also supernaturally powerful, both in physical form and in songs that he has retained. It is clear that whatever he used to be, he was very important. Zak protects Noah and Father Isaiah like family and will follow them to the far corners of the earth to see to their protection.

Not Human
Songs of the Celestials
Zadok wings

Numinous Corpus: Wings: In more than one tangle with the enemy, Zak has managed to produce abilities to aid his allies against the forces of darkness. One of these songs is the song of Numinous Corpus that grants Zak a physical transformation complete with veiled wings. Any questions about the origins sends Zak into a state of depression.

A Popular Past
Stack of photos

Notes from the Church: Father Isaiah Walsh has had very little contact with Heaven over the past year since meeting Zak, but the Church has committed resources into investigating the origin of Zak. Early into the investigation, they began uncovering photos of Zak found throughout the known world over the course of the past two centuries. The popular belief is that Zak was formerly tied to Heaven or Hell, but there is no concise proof.


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