Noah James Thompson

Army Ranger, Seasoned Hunter, Certified Badass


Noah is a well rounded tough guy who relies on his skills and strength over a bag of tricks.


An Army Ranger vet who was first exposed to the servitors of hell in Afghanastan. In 2007, he was dismissed on dishonorable discharge after disobeying a direct order in the line of duty. After returning to his home in Arlington Texas to find his wife six months pregnant with her lover’s child, he packed his bags and set out on the road. Before he knew it, Noah was making a habit of hunting the things that went bump in the night. This earned him some attention from the big guy upstairs, though he found the chain of command far too confusing. He left the interaction with heaven to his partner Father Isiah, who guides Noah on his calling as a ‘Soldier of Heaven’.

Relic: Smith & Wesson No. 3
Smith   wesson no. 3 third model russian 867

Details: It is believed that this gun belonged to a union officer and soldier of God during the American Civil War. It is also believed that this item passed on through the generations, losing relevency in each passing until the most recent descendant put it up at an auction house. That’s where Noah got his hands on it. This particular unit packs a bigger punch than it warrants given it’s age with standard ammo. When armed with holy bullets, it can be used to bring harm to demons and other servants of hell.

Noah James Thompson

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